Video: TreeHouse + Nest launch deep smart home installation services

TreeHouse + Nest smart home builder app. Image: Digitized.House.
TreeHouse + Nest smart home builder app. Image: Digitized.House.

Fast-growing green home improvement company TreeHouse has just upped the ante in smart homes, forging an industry-first partnership with connected home juggernaut Nest to offer deep smart home accessory installation services through its Austin and Dallas locations. At the launch of the new services on November 11, we met Jason Ballard, president and co-founder of TreeHouse, at their flagship Austin location. In our exclusive video here, Ballard takes us on a tour of the purpose-built, ultra-smart software behind this new program.

As demonstrated in the video, a whole-home builder app is at the heart of the new services, and is designed to facilitate smart accessory recommendations based on the square footage and zip code of the target home. Homeowners considering a smart upgrade can access the app in the comfort of their own homes or choose to visit a TreeHouse store to sit with a consultant. In either scenario, they first select among broad-brush categories of accessories, including home comfort and energy, healthy and safe home, voice control, security, interior cameras, and exterior cameras. After a list of recommended accessories appears, one more tap or two can process an order for the products and schedule an installation date.

TreeHouse already has fleets of installation vans in Austin and Dallas for delivery of home upgrade services, but these new services will be fulfilled by a team of certified smart-home installation technicians driving specially-wrapped Chevrolet Bolt EVs. The company also recently announced they will be opening their third store, which will be in Plano, Texas. A grand opening is set for early 2018.

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