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Announcing Digitized House

Announcing Digitized House

So what is the raison d’être of Digitized House? Quite simply, we have architected our all-digital publishing mission to guide you along the winding road toward making your dwelling a smarter, more energy efficient, and healthier place to live. As we rev up in the coming weeks, we will be delivering original editorial, video, photographic, and multimedia content across the emerging categories of zero net energy homes,  smart-home tech, the Internet of Things (IoT) as it relates to homes, and what we have termed the connected garage—electric and hybrid automobiles, charging stations, and related energy technology.

These digitized, mobile-native content streams will largely be produced by our in-house teams of editorial, creative, and media professionals—plus we are cultivating a cadre of high-performance building science experts, relevant architects, green builders, green mortgage specialists, renewable energy experts, and other smart-home SMEs to lend their real-world expertise and guidance to the evolving hi-tech-yet-extremely-energy-efficient home front. And as we cannot adequately cover every nuance of these categories in depth, you can also expect us to supplement our original content with thoughtfully curated posts, articles, and videos from trusted sources.

Without you—as an engaged homeowner, aspiring homeowner, or apartment dweller—we would have no raison d’être. We sincerely thank you for visiting as we continue our content production work behind the scenes, and invite you to tune into our social media channels, where we will be sure to post fresh content as it emerges from our publishing machine. It is sure to be an exciting journey.

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Tom Kolnowski is the Chief Content Officer & Founder of Digitized House Media, LLC, the publisher of Digitized House | Guide to the Connected Home. When he isn’t writing about smart home technology, sustainability, and high-performance architecture, you’ll find him exploring faraway destinations with his family.