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All of Our Best Cyber Week and Black Friday Deal Coverage

All of Our Best Cyber Week and Black Friday Deal Coverage
Here are the best Black Friday Weekend and early Cyber Monday deals so far.
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Black Friday itself has come and gone, but most of our recommendations below are still running through Black Friday Weekend and new Cyber Monday and Cyber Week deals are already out there for the taking. Here’s a summary of all of our coverage to date on the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals for your connected home space.

These run the gamut for top-notch products from leading brands we know and love, including Sonos wireless audio, Samsung QLED 4K UHD TVs, Tineco smart vacuums, Pani smart water monitors, August Home and Yale smart door locks, as well as Google Nest cameras, smart thermostats, smoke and CO detectors, and the Nest x Yale smart lock.

Here’s the latest rundown.

Best Cyber Monday Deals on August and Yale Smart Locks, up to 63% Off

On Cyber Monday, the August Smart Lock Pro with the August Connect Wi-Fi Bridge is at 57% off on Amazon. And the other August offering, the standard August Smart Lock, is at 63% off. These are solid, high-performing smart locks, and these reduced prices make them all the more appealing. Another one of our favorites, the Yale Assure Lock SL with Z-Wave, is also on a special Cyber Monday deal at up to 38% off.

The August Smart Lock Pro with Connect Wi-Fi Bridge. Image: Digitized House.

Best Cyber Monday Deals on Tineco Smart Vacuums at 35% Off

Tineco is offering special one-day Cyber Monday deals on their A11 Master Plus and iFloor cordless vacuums (both at 35% off), plus ongoing holiday deals on their Pure One S12 and A10 Hero models. All of these portable cleaning systems are powered by lithium ion batteries.

The Tineco iFloor Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum. Image: Tineco.

Best Black Friday Weekend Deals on Sonos Wireless Home Audio

If you have been considering outfitting your space with Sonos multi-room wireless audio products, now may be the time with these special Black Friday weekend deals. We have been everyday users of Sonos for over seven years, and still think they have the best all-around audio streaming experience out there, and better yet they smoothly integrate into your connected home. But their relatively high prices can definitely be a turn-off for many. These holiday deals can help to ameliorate that aspect.

Sonos Beam, Playbar, and Playbase Deals
Sonos One Wireless Speaker (Gen 1) Deals
Sonos Amp Amplifier Deals
Sonos Sub Wireless Subwoofer Deals

Best Black Friday Weekend Deals on Smart Door Locks, up to 47% Off

Smart door locks are one of the connected home accessories we most often recommend to consumers. If you have been delaying taking the plunge, now may be the time with these best Black Friday weekend smart lock deals from August Home, Google Nest x Yale, and Yale—with some of these deals up to 47% off the regular retail prices. 

August Home Deals
Google Nest x Yale Deal
Yale Limited Edition Deal

The August Smart Lock Pro in our Digitized House labs. Image: Digitized House.

Best Black Friday Weekend Deals on Samsung QLED 4K TVs

When readers ask us about which 4K TV to buy, we often recommend the Samsung QLED line—and for good reason. We own two of them, and they have been exemplary displays on nearly all counts. And with the special deals Samsung is running for Black Friday and throughout the holidays, you can’t go wrong. Some of these 2019 QLEDS are as much as 50% off their regular retail prices, making for an easy decision if you are looking at gifting a quality 4K UHD set with the most sought-after features. 

Samsung QLED 4K Q60 Series Deals
Samsung QLED 4K Q70 Series Deals
Samsung QLED 4K Q80 Series Deals
Samsung QLED 4K Q90 Series Deals

samsung qled Q60 in integration lab

Best Cyber Monday Deals on Google Nest Thermostat, Nest Cam, Nest Protect, Nest x Yale Locks (Right Now)

The Google Nest Learning Thermostat started the connected thermostat product genre, and they are still an excellent choice for many homes. They’ve controlled the HVAC in our homes for the past seven years, never exhibiting a single issue or failure. And with this early Cyber Monday deal, the stainless steel version of the Google Nest thermostat is at a price point that’s hard to beat (coming in at the same price as the lower-end Google Nest Thermostat E with its plastic case).

Google Nest Learning Thermostat Deal
Google Nest Cam Indoor and Outdoor Deal
Google Nest Protect Deal
Google Nest x Yale Smart Door Lock Deal
Google Pixel Slate Tablet Deal

Google Nest Cam Outdoor security camera. Image: Digitized House.

Black Friday Weekend Deal on Pani Smart Water Monitor at 29% Off

We covered the Pani Smart Water Monitor in an in-depth review just a few weeks ago. As stated in the review, we see this first smart water product from Austin, Texas-based startup Pani Systems as an ultra-smart way for consumers to begin understanding water usage in their homes and then to begin conserving it. And as good as Pani works in that regard, the even better news is they are offering this homeowner-installable device at a nice discount.

Pani Smart Water Monitor Deal

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