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Deal: Big Ass Fans Haiku L Fans up to 40% Off

Deal: Big Ass Fans Haiku L Fans up to 40% Off
Big Ass Fans Haiku L fan in white. Image: Big Ass Fans.
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In a deal available straight from the Big Ass Fans website, the company that pioneered high-volume, low-speed (HVLS) fans is running a special promotion where the popular 52-in. Haiku L fans are available at either 30% or 40% off their regular retail prices. The Haiku L in white is available at 30% off for $481.60 while the Haiku L in black is at 40% off for $412.80. We have never seen these fans offered at such low prices. Be sure to use the promo code HLDEAL when you order.

Now, we are not affiliated with Big Ass Fans in any fashion and will not receive a commission when you order through them. But this deal is too good to pass up, so we are sharing the information with our audience.

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Big Ass Fans Haiku L Fans

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Are Haiku Fans Worth It?

We often champion these rather costly, high-end fans, as we’ve personally purchased and used them for the past 6 years. In our opinion, there is little else to compare to their sleek airfoil design, silent operation, and ability to move huge volumes of air even at their lowest speeds. They also arrive perfectly balanced from the factory, so there will never be a need to balance them with those ridiculous lead weights that come in the box with lesser fans. Furthermore, the Haiku L has an integrated LED light, so there is no need to purchase an accessory light kit.

We’ve always paid full retail for our Haiku fans, but even at that we feel they are well worth the cost. And with this deal, they are just that much more appealing.

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Voice Control with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa

When you order the optional Wi-Fi module, the fan and light can be controlled easily with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa voice commands. The Wi-Fi module adds $50 to the cost (sadly, accessories are not eligible for the promo code discount). We think it’s well worth the additional cost.

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Deal: Big Ass Fans Haiku L Fans up to 40% Off

by Tom Kolnowski

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