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6 Smart Alarm Clocks You Never Knew You Needed

Although there are some days where it sounds nice to spend the day in bed, that’s obviously not feasible for people who have work, school, and family obligations. For most…

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6 Ways to Keep Tabs on Your Family Using Smart Home Technology

One of the many benefits of smart home technology is the ability to keep tabs on your home when you can’t be there. Forgot to turn off the lights? Do…

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Can Apple and iOS 12 Help Cure Smartphone Addiction?

If you were asked where and how you’re reading this article, what would you say? It’s likely that many of you could have—or did—stumble upon this article while browsing the…

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10 Baby Monitors and Cameras to Keep Kids Safe

Having children in today’s world can be nerve-wracking. Even if you go to great lengths to baby proof your house, kids always manage to find a way to get into…

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9 Parenting Tips to Help Kids Use Smart Tech Safely

Today’s children have the luxury of technology at their fingertips. In an instant, they can download a favorite song or catch up on a friend’s day. The digital world is…

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5 Approaches to Make Digital Assistants a Partner in Your Kids’ Education

Your family has a voice-controlled home assistant, but you’re tired of asking silly questions like “How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?” If you…

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