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Arrival of the Connected Garage

Arrival of the Connected Garage

Connected garage is the term we have coined here at Digitized House to posture the garage or carport as not simply a place to park an automobile, but as a natural extension of the zero net energy (ZNE) home and the accompanying lifestyle. In this category, we will of course cover the latest developments in relevant electric vehicles (EVs), hybrids, and emerging new genres of cars, but also the energy-centric technologies that help keep these efficient vehicles on the road and secured in their garage havens. This will include EV charging stations, new electrical storage technologies such as the Tesla Powerwall battery, smart technology for garage doors, lighting, and much more.

A physically detached garage can also be a connected garage. In this home, a covered walkway connects the main house to the garage and carport.

In the spirit of full disclosure, we admit there is an inherent flaw of sorts in our connected garage moniker, as many healthy-home advocates advise against having garages that are physically integrated with the main house, and instead advocate detached garages to minimize the infiltration of potentially polluted garage air into the living areas. That’s great advice to follow if you are contemplating building a home, but be sure to check to see if the property lends itself to that layout and that local building codes allow it. These detached garages can of course be highly-connected garages.

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