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Contemporary Design Solutions for a Truly Healthy Kitchen

Contemporary Design Solutions for a Truly Healthy Kitchen
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A truly healthy kitchen is commonly defined as the one that is well-organised, clean, and easy to get around. Everything in it is easily accessible and fresh, healthy ingredients are abundant. The entire space inspires you to commit to a healthy lifestyle and cooking.

No matter its layout and size, you can easily transform your kitchen into a space that is approachable and open, so here are a few suggestions for creating a truly healthy kitchen.

Fresh Accents

A healthy kitchen should be a warm and inspiring space that entices you with its fresh looks and smells to start creating culinary masterpieces. The quickest and easiest way to create this look is by adding fresh produce, plants, and flowers. Fresh fruit in bowls, bouquets in vases, colourful potted plants and fresh, green herbs are a decorative staple and against brightly coloured walls and natural light, create a picture-perfect kitchen.

Make sure you always have a bowl of fresh produce on your countertops, such as apples, oranges, lemons, whole-meal muffins, and homemade bread. Combined with fragrant flowers and herbs, these will serve as a constant reminder of a healthy lifestyle you strive to lead.

Clean and Proud

Beginning your day with a clean and organized kitchen means you have plenty of space for your cooking ventures. Image: Digitized House Media.
By beginning with a clean and organised kitchen, you will have plenty of room to spread out for efficient food preparation and cooking. Image: Digitized House Media.

A precondition of a healthy kitchen is a clean kitchen that also offers enough space to spread out and cook. This means no dirty dishes left in the sink and no clutter on the countertops. Do your best to maintain cleanliness and put everything back in its place in the cupboards and drawers as soon as you’ve finished preparing meals.

When you shop for new items to place in your kitchen, look for merchants that strive to offer healthy products. Image: Digitized House Media.
When you shop for new items to place in your kitchen, look for merchants that strive to offer healthy and toxin-free products. Image: Digitized House Media.

Stock up in dish towels so you always have clean ones at hand and commit to using eco-friendly cleaning products. Toxic and harmful chemicals cannot be found in a healthy kitchen as they can seriously compromise your well-being and possibly cause illness. By sticking to green cleaning products, you’ll create a more productive and safer zone for the entire family.

A must-have of every truly healthy kitchen is access to perfectly pure and clean water. Modern day water filters guarantee you’ll have chemical-free water that tastes great and ensures optimal health for your family. A great choice is installing one of those cutting-edge undersink water filters as they are excellent space savers and are neatly tucked away so they don’t mess up your kitchen aesthetics.

Strive For Easy Access

If you have easy access to practical kitchen utensils, supplies, cutting boards, canisters and potholders, you’ll be more likely to cook healthy meals. When everything is at an arm’s reach, you have no excuse but to use it. If you can’t change the layout of your kitchen, consider installing open shelving, hanging racks, and canisters, so everything remains visible and user-friendly. 

Moreover, use glass containers and canisters so you can always see the ingredients. It’s a great encouragement to keep you interested in cooking healthy meals. Spice things up with stylish glass containers with colourful lids and don’t be afraid to display your other tools such as knives on a magnetic strip and a steel spice rack with magnetic spice tins that can be fitted onto any metal surface in your kitchen. These are easy to get to, organized, and conveniently stored away when not in use.

Rummaging through a cluttered and messy cabinet in search of the pieces of a steamer or smoothie maker, or bending down to dig out your slow cooker or food processor, will only discourage you from using them regularly. Therefore, make sure you create enough room for your key kitchen appliances on your countertops or even add a separate cabinet so they can be conveniently stored and used when necessary on regular basis to prepare quick, healthy meals.

Following the tips listed here, you will be able to create a healthy kitchen of your own. Keep it clean, add plenty of fresh, inviting details and make your culinary utensils and essentials within easy reach.

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