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eBook: Guidebook to Smart-home Technology (in HTML5)

eBook: Guidebook to Smart-home Technology (in HTML5)

Are you averse to the Adobe PDF format, the universal document sharing standard that has been pervasive in computing-dom since the 1993 launch of Adobe Acrobat? Certainly, the PDF—the brainchild of Adobe co-founder John Warnock—continues to be a serviceable content vessel. But an onslaught of newer Web-based standards—including the recent proliferation of the HTML5 markup language—have led to more-elegant alternatives for long-format content. With that thought in mind, we have created a fresh HTML5 version of our 50-page eBook, the Guidebook to Smart-home Technology Volume 1. You can get this complimentary HTML5 eBook here.

We are using the FlipHTML5 infrastructure, a prevalent global publishing platform that enables efficient reading, searching, sharing, and page-flipping automation, without the need for any browser plug-ins.

Of course, if you prefer to consume long reads in PDF format, our original version of the same eBook will continue to be available here.

More about the eBook

Smart-home technology keeps marching forward at a rapid pace, and here at Digitized.House Magazine we immerse ourselves in it each and every day—with a particularly discerning eye on the impacts this technology can have along the winding road toward making your dwelling a smart, sustainable, digitally-safe, energy-efficient, and healthy place to live.

In order to make that journey easier and more enjoyable, we collected 7 of our original smart-home technology articles in a convenient eBook format, covering a broad spectrum of what homeowners need to know if they are considering the deployment of this technology in their existing or future dwellings.

Guidebook to Smart-home Tech Volume 1 in HTML5

You can get our complimentary eBook—Guidebook to Smart-home Technology Volume 1—in a native HTML5 format. This is an easy and elegant read from any modern browser, with no need for bothersome plug-ins.

Among the topics we cover in this Volume 1 edition:

  1. Apple HomeKit sprouts a Home app in iOS 10
  2. iDevices bridges Apple HomeKit and Amazon Alexa worlds
  3. Flexible climate and lighting control with Lutron Caséta Wireless and Smart Bridge
  4. Three shades of the Nest Learning Thermostat
  5. Spaces debuts in redesigned Nest app
  6. Belkin WeMo grows up: Nest Learning Thermostat integration
  7. Smart-home power broker: SmartThings Hub from Samsung
  8. About Digitized.House Magazine

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eBook: Guidebook to Smart-home Technology (in HTML5)

by Digitized House Staff

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