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eBook: Guidebook to Smart-home Technology Volume 1

eBook: Guidebook to Smart-home Technology Volume 1
10. eBook: Guidebook to Smart-home Technology Volume 1

Let’s face it. Sometimes Googling for what we need takes more time than it should. Certainly, the act of searching can be lighting quick, but what of the result? Often, the meaningful content we seek can be buried well below the browser fold, or spread across multiple web properties and publishers. That’s a growing knowledge chasm eBooks seek to fill. And precisely what we had in mind as we published our latest eBook, Guidebook to Smart-home Technology Volume 1a complimentary download.

Smart-home technology keeps marching forward at a rapid pace, and here at Digitized.House Magazine we immerse ourselves in it each and every day—with a particularly discerning eye on the impacts this technology can have along the winding road toward making your dwelling a smart, sustainable, digitally-safe, energy-efficient, and healthy place to live. In order to make that journey easier and more enjoyable, we collected 7 of our original smart-home technology articles in a convenient eBook format, covering a broad spectrum of what homeowners need to know if they are considering the deployment of this technology in their existing or future dwellings.


Guidebook to Smart-home Technology Volume 1
Our Guidebook to Smart-home Technology Volume 1 eBook is in universal PDF format, so it’s an easy read straight from a desktop or mobile browser—or opened in a reader app, such as Apple iBooks.


Among the topics we cover in this Volume 1 edition:

  1. Apple HomeKit sprouts a Home app in iOS 10
  2. iDevices bridges Apple HomeKit and Amazon Alexa worlds
  3. Flexible climate and lighting control with Lutron Caséta Wireless and Smart Bridge
  4. Three shades of the Nest Learning Thermostat
  5. Spaces debuts in redesigned Nest app
  6. Belkin WeMo grows up: Nest Learning Thermostat integration
  7. Smart-home power broker: SmartThings Hub from Samsung
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This eBook is published in a universal Adobe Acrobat PDF format, so it can be conveniently viewed on desktop and mobile browsers, though we have formatted it in an A5-sized portrait orientation that is particularly well suited to reading on tablets. Or opened in reader apps, such as Apple iBooks or the Microsoft Windows 10 Reader app. Get our complimentary eBook here.

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