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Five Great Tips for Moving Your Smart Home With You

Five Great Tips for Moving Your Smart Home With You
Moving? Here's how to take your smart home along. Image: Sebastian Scholz (Nuki) on Unsplash.
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It may be that you’re moving frequently because of your job. Or you simply like living as a short-term tenant before life takes you somewhere else. Or you’ve decided to move out of your old home and start a new chapter of life. In any case, you will want to move your smart home with you, since your smart tech has become an inextricable part of your life. Not only does it bring comfort and convenience to your daily routine, but it can be the best way to conserve precious resources and live a more eco-conscious lifestyle.

In addition to your soft goods, make sure you take along your smart hardware goods when you move on. Image: La Miko on Pexels.
In addition to your soft goods, make sure you take along your smart hardware goods when you move on. Image: La Miko on Pexels.

So naturally, you don’t just want to leave all of your smart tech behind. Unless your goal is to sell your smart home to the highest bidder, in which case you can use your smart technology to elevate the perceived and real value of the property.

Go Mobile With Smart Lighting

Smart lighting is one of the key elements of a green home, but it’s also a foundational pillar of a smart living environment. The best part? It’s easy to install on a moment’s notice in the new place, so you should definitely take it with you. If you haven’t invested in smart LED lighting yet, though, the time is better than ever, especially if you think that you might be moving again in the months or years to come. One of the biggest selling points of smart LED lighting is the new plug-and-play technology that allows you to get it up and running as soon as you connect it to the Wi-Fi network.

If you go for the lights that have built-in Wi-Fi chips, you can set up your entire lighting scheme over at the new place in a matter of minutes. Then, you can connect the lights to your smartphone app, and tailor the ambiance to your liking to make the new place feel like home.

Use the Smart Speaker Wisely

Amazon Echo (left) and Google Home Mini (right) are among smart speaker options. Image: Digitized House.
Amazon Echo (left) and Google Home Mini (right) are among smart speaker options. Image: Digitized House.

When moving your smart home and relocating your life to an unfamiliar neighborhood, region, or country, your smart home hub becomes your best friend and one of your most valuable assets. This is especially true for frequent movers, as you want to stay agile and have the ability to obtain the right information at the right time. The smart speaker genre running Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Apple Siri helps you do just that, and allows you to obtain information about the new neighborhood, and get into the groove of things more quickly. 

Taking your smart speaker with you and connecting it as soon as you move in is one of the best ways to make this transition as smooth as possible. But if you still don’t have one, now’s the time to get it. Simply plug it in, connect it to your Wi-Fi network, and set it up via smartphone—then you’re ready to start your new routine.

Go Green and Do It Yourself

One of the most important things to remember when relocating, especially if you’re moving frequently, is that you should try to stay eco-conscious and aim to relocate the green way as much as you can. After all, smart technology aims to make your life more sustainable and eco-friendlier in the long run, so the last thing you want is for your move to needlessly elevate your carbon footprint.

This is why looking into trailer hire options in your area and booking a rental trailer via smartphone is a good idea, as it allows you to move quickly on your own terms, and most importantly, it allows you to pack up and transport all of that fragile smart tech without worrying that something might get broken in the process. What’s more, hauling a trailer behind your car or SUV is a much greener option than booking a team of movers and their trucks and vans.

Pack up All Security Features

Smart homes thrive on smart security features such as Wi-Fi locks, cameras, and entire home security systems. For a frequent mover, though, smart security features are a must, because you want to feel safe in every new neighborhood and you want to make sure that your possessions are kept safe from the burglars and home invaders specifically targeting newcomers. Many new-wave DIY home security systems are entirely wireless and use sensors with simple stick-on tabs, so they can be moved from place to place with incredible ease.

Don’t let yourself be an easy target. To thwart thieves as you settle in, keep your security system box on the top of the moving stack so that you can fire it up as soon as you arrive at the new place.

And finally, sometimes your new residence won’t exactly have all of the smart features you’re looking for, and sometimes you will be moving into a place with little to no smart features at all. Don’t worry, you don’t have to spend a fortune to upgrade to smart appliances. Instead, you can invest in smart outlet plugs to be able to control many appliances in your home that have no remote capabilities. This is a cost-effective way to make good use of traditional appliances and make them fit into your smart and eco-conscious lifestyle. 

Wrapping Up

Living a smart lifestyle is one of the most rewarding and financially-sensible decisions in this modern day and age. When the time comes to move, you should have a plan to maintain your smart routine in your new home as well. Use these tips to relocate your smart home with you easily and efficiently.

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