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Full text of stories available on Apple News app

Full text of stories available on Apple News app
Choice can be a great thing. So, if you choose to consume longer-form content through the Apple News app, which is available on Apple mobile devices running iOS 9 or higher, we have some editorially-fresh news: We are now publishing the full text and images of new Digitized.House Magazine stories on our Apple News channel.

Previously, we were publishing only the article excerpt on the News app, with a link to the full text and images of the story on our website. Now, our feed has been upgraded so you can take advantage of the fluid reading experience of News to read our articles end-to-end within the app, including high-resolution, Retina Display-class images and text on capable iPad and iPhone devices. You can also share the content directly from News, using the native iOS share icon in the lower-left corner of the screen on iPhones, or the upper-right corner on iPads. 


Apple News app
Now you can use the fluid reading experience of the Apple News app to get end-to-end stories from Digitized House Magazine, including high-resolution images and text plus native iOS 9 social sharing features.


And yes, we would still like to see you visit our website, and that is easily accomplished from the News app by tapping on the featured photo or article title at the top each story, or scrolling to the bottom and touching the “Read full story” link or simply continuing to drag downward. Any of those actions will instantly launch you straight into the Safari browser with a view of the same story on our website, which is of course mobile-responsive so the reading experience will be quite seamless.

Give reading through the Apple News app a try, and let us know what you think by connecting with our editors through our social media channels. We would love to hear from you.

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