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Infographic: Google Assistant Versus Amazon Alexa

Infographic: Google Assistant Versus Amazon Alexa
In this infographic, learn about how Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa compare. Image: Digitized House.
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The competition between voice assistants and smart speakers is accelerating, as we can see with the latest announcements of Google Nest Hub Max and Amazon Echo Studio. The range of smart home ecosystems have exploded in recent years, primarily attributable to the Google versus Amazon face off, companies who have dominated the markets with their Google Home and Amazon Echo speakers, respectively. Before these two, the available smart home hubs never were competent enough to reach mass market acceptance, and were facing too many issues—leading to slow growth.

The future looks very interesting as Apple HomeKit and Siri, Samsung SmartThings, and other competitors expand into the smart home market to vie for their piece of pie. Until then, as consumers we have the two most popular options to choose from, which is what we want to help you with through a quick infographic. In this “Google Home vs. Alexa” infographic, we compare them based on the following characteristics, which buyers should focus on while purchasing speakers and accessories for their specific needs:

  1. Ecosystem
  2. Voice Control
  3. Appearance
  4. Skills
  5. Music and Sound Quality
  6. Cost
  7. Smart Home Device Compatibility.

We hope you find it useful.

Infographic: Courtesy of
Infographic: Courtesy of

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