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Infographic: Home Staging 101

Infographic: Home Staging 101
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Making the decision to put your property up for sale is a huge one. It’s a lot of pressure too, as you need to step up and make your property as presentable as possible to the prospective market. This is not just for property viewings, you need to be mindful of how the property will look in its real estate photographs for the all-important property listing. That’s where this infographic on home staging 101 can prove valuable, and you won’t have to hire a staging professional to get the job done.

Declutter, Declutter, Declutter

Clutter is your property’s biggest enemy, so take a critical eye over it and remove all unwanted and unused items—even putting them into short-term storage if you are not willing to give them to charity. It’s important not to outlay a huge amount of money when staging a property, as it’s not a guarantee that you will reap the rewards. However, it is a good idea to make obviously needed repairs, such as torn carpet, or to give the place a fresh upgrade by painting the internal walls a neutral color. These changes won’t cost a fortune but could make a huge difference to the overall aesthetic. 

Home Staging 101: The Infographic

In the fresh infographic below, the guys from EZ Living Interiors have outlined everything you need to know about home staging. It breaks down the space into different segments to explain what you should do in order to stage your home perfectly. The aim here is to achieve the best market price for your property. Check out the full graphic below.

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