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The Internet of Things and your future, explained

The Internet of Things and your future, explained
The Internet of Things, arriving at a city near you. Image: Vitalii Ustymenko on Unsplash.

In our editorial mission to articulate goings-on in the realm of connected homes, we often include the Internet of Things (IoT) as merely one of many tech-related SEO tags we attach to our original content. Yet IoT is clearly much, much broader than the connected home, and its potential for impacting your daily existence in the future has yet to be fully understood. But exactly what is it?

In this curated post from contributing writer Anna Kurcikova—entitled What Exactly Is The Internet Of Things and How Will It Affect Your Future?—she offers an eye-opening perspective into just what IoT’s all-connected, all-of-the-time posture may bring to our lives. In this 5-minute read, Anna takes us through a brief intro to what IoT is, how it exists today, what shapes it may morph into tomorrow, and cautions related to all-important data privacy and security concerns. Read the full article here at Perforated Metals.

About Anna Kucirkova:

Anna Kucirkova speaks 3 languages and has a passion for kids and writing. While she has been to many places in Europe and Southeast Asia, she still wants to explore the rest of the world.

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The Internet of Things and your future, explained

by Digitized House Staff

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