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Latest News: Digitized House on Apple News

Latest News: Digitized House on Apple News

With the arrival of iOS 9, Apple launched their long-awaited News app, and demoted the often-confusing Newsstand app to a simple folder on the iOS Home screen. So, yes, Newsstand as we knew it is dead, and any publications you may have subscribed to from Newsstand can now be dragged onto their rightful places anywhere on the Home screen pages or into any other iOS folder.

Digitized House Magazine is now available directly through the Apple News app on devices running iOS 9 or later.

The iOS 9-only News app is much more than a Newsstand replacement, however, and offers a self-contained, rich-format multimedia reading experience for articles that can include not only the customary formatted text and photographic images, but also galleries, videos, infographics, and animations.

At the launch of iOS 9, Apple partnered with many large publishers and media outlets to integrate their rich content into the fluid pages of the Flipboard-like News app, and new publishers are being added daily. And on that point, we are thrilled to announce that Digitized House Magazine has joined the ranks of those News publishers, and all of our recent editorial content and all future content will be available at your fingertips through the News app. If you are reading this on an iOS 9 device, you can click here to go directly to the rich-content Digitized House Magazine feed.

Using the Apple News Search button, you can quickly zero in on the publication or topic you are looking for. Clicking the “+” icon adds that item to your Favorites screen.

There are multiple ways to navigate around News through its minimal tool bar at the bottom of the page, which includes the For You, Favorites, Explore, Search, and Saved buttons. One easy way to get straight to a specific publication is to use the Search button. In the case of Digitized House Magazine, all we had to do was type “digiti” in the Search box and voilà: Digitized House Magazine appeared instantly as a Top Hit. Clicking the “+” icon to the right of the search result adds that publisher or topic to your Favorites screen.

Currently, our feed for Digitized House is delivered via an automated RSS 2.0-formatted stream through our WordPress publishing platform back end. As Apple moves forward with broader access to their Apple News Format—a custom JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) platform—we will be migrating Digitized House content to that format, enabling access to more of the News multimedia features.

Apple News app articles can include an excerpt of the source content, and a link to the full-length article on the respective publisher’s site.

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