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Product Brief: Antolini Bronze Amani Surface

Product Brief: Antolini Bronze Amani Surface

Italian stone maker Antolini has launched their Exclusive Collection, a unique offering of natural stone surface materials designed to complement today’s modern residential architecture. Among these stone designs—exclusively available through Antolini—is Bronze Amani, a variation that originates from a quarry in Spain and emphasizes an array of rich earth tones.

Available in Polished, Lether, and Antique finishes, Bronze Amani displays a color palette of classic yet bold patterns and textures, and is well-suited as a complement to contemporary minimalistic interiors. In rooms where Bronze Amani is applied as either an accent or primary material—in either horizontal or vertical applications—the impact can be striking, as the material has a variety of unique traits.


Antolini Exclusive Collection Bronze Amani
A member of the new Antolini Exclusive Collection, the Bronze Amani surface has bold, natural earth tones.


The overall result of these installations, according to Antolini, can be a highly effective design treatment. “Bronze Amani’s warm, embracing earth tones and golden hues embody romance, elegance, and tranquility,” says Antolini, “while at the same time, it is remarkably dynamic and has the ability to reflect light and enlarge any surrounding where it is applied. It can make surroundings welcoming and relaxing, turning them into a unique oasis of peace and relaxation.”

Architects, designers, and homeowners considering the use of this material can contact the Antolini representatives in their respective countries.

Images courtesy of Antolini.

Antolini website

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