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Simple. Smart. Secure. We’ve moved to

Simple. Smart. Secure. We’ve moved to
Digitized.House website on Google Chrome

It is often said that less is more. And that adage aptly applies to our new digital home at, where we have shed the last 3 characters of our former .com domain name and moved the dot to where it should be—squarely between digitized and house.

In addition to making it easier to type our new destination into any browser, we think the .house domain name more effectively reflects our unique editorial mission to bring homeowners the best original content around today’s increasingly digitized house, where smart-home technology, the Internet of Things (IoT), energy efficiency, sustainability, and high-performance design are rapidly converging to advance the state of the dwelling.

At the same time, we secured the new website from top to bottom with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption, so you can browse, consume, and share content with optimal confidence. As a visual check, all pages and content appear with the https prefix and display the requisite lock icon in the web address—whether you use Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge, or other popular browsers.

Digitized.House website
Welcome to the revised, our new website destination. We have secured the site with SSL encryption for safety, so you will see the https prefix plus lock icon on all pages (as in this Safari example)
Digitized.House website
Our recently-launched Reviews section brings hands-on reviews content around smart-home technology, sustainability, zero-energy homes, and related consumer electronics to

We also recently launched our new Reviews section, where we are publishing a higher frequency of original reviews content—produced in-house by our editorial staff based on a hand-on approach. Much of this work is conducted in our dedicated lab home.

Let us know what you think about these changes by interacting with us through our social channels. Thank you again for engaging with us.

Digitized.House website
A view of the new and secure website as it appears on Windows 10 devices running the Microsoft Edge browser

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