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6 Smart Alarm Clocks You Never Knew You Needed

6 Smart Alarm Clocks You Never Knew You Needed
Kello smart alarm clock. Image: Hello.

Although there are some days where it sounds nice to spend the day in bed, that’s obviously not feasible for people who have work, school, and family obligations. For most of us, alarm clocks are typically bedroom staples for getting going after a long night of sleep. It’s probably not surprising, then, that there are high-tech versions to rouse you from slumber each morning. In this smart alarm clock guide, we look at six of them.

[1] Vobot Clock

Vobot clock. Image: Vobot.
Vobot Clock. Image: OmniNova.

Something that sets the Vobot Clock apart from many other smart clocks on the market is that it’s a standalone unit that doesn’t require syncing with your smartphone. The gadget has built-in Wi-Fi, so you can touch or move the clock to snooze it. Tap the top of the screen to hear updates like news headlines or traffic reports. Or, make this Alexa-enabled clock stream playlists from services like Amazon Music or iHeartRadio.

It’s available for $39 from Indiegogo.

[2] REMI

REMI clock. Image: UrbanHello.
REMI clock. Image: UrbanHello.

If you’re a parent or know someone who is, you’re probably well aware of how crucial it is to get a child into a sleep routine that’s suitable for both the little one and everyone else in the home. REMI is a smart clock for kids from birth to age 10, and it offers features that grow with them through the years.

This clock’s features include a baby monitor and walkie-talkie, plus the gadget has a friendly face that acts as a night light and changes depending on whether it’s time to sleep or get up. The clock can play lullabies to help youngsters sleep, and the accompanying app has a sleep tracker feature.

Although the official site for the product is for the French market, it has content in English. It’s available for €89 from the manufacturer or $99.99 distributed through Amazon.

[3] Amazon Echo Spot

Amazon Echo Spot. Image: Amazon.
Amazon Echo Spot. Image: Amazon.

Amazon has an ever-expanding assortment of smart speakers in its lineup, and the Amazon Echo Spot works particularly well as a smart alarm clock, since it has a small display and a round shape that fits nicely on a nightstand. Besides asking Alexa to help wake them up, people can make video calls, watch video flash briefings, listen to music and much more, thanks to the hundreds of Alexa skills.

It’s available at $129.99 from Amazon.

[4] Circa

Circa clock. Image: Circa.
Circa smart alarm clock. Image: Circa.

The Circa is another standalone clock that doesn’t require pairing with a smartphone. It uses a sensor under the mattress to wake you up at just the right moment. Plus, this clock emits less light than other options, so you’ll likely find it less distracting as you drift off to dreams. If you’re feeling a bit anxious, use the integrated white noise and breathing machine to unwind.

One potential downside is that the gadget is still in a prototype stage on Indiegogo. The creators provide regular updates, but this isn’t a clock to buy if you want to start using it right away. The team also indicated it would close preorders soon to prepare for the first-run production orders. It begins at approximately $216 and up from Indiegogo.

[5] Beddi Glow SE

Betti Glow SE smart clock. Image: Witti Design.
Betti Glow SE smart alarm clock. Image: Witti Design.

Some people understandably don’t like to wake up to the jarring sound of a loud buzzer first thing in the morning. If that sounds like you, the Beddi Glow SE could be a good fit. It has a light built into the bottom that mimics sunlight, gradually getting brighter to urge you awake. Moreover, there’s a speaker that integrates with services like Apple Music and Spotify. You can even press a dedicated button to access a favorite playlist.

Use the corresponding app to activate colored lights to set the mood or control the light. It’s also possible to wake up to an alarm, instead of relying solely on the illuminating functionality. The clock also has 2 built-in USB ports, so it can simultaneously charge a smartphone and a tablet while you sleep.

The alarm clock sells for $79.99 on Amazon or direct from the manufacturer, Witti Design.

[6] Kello

Kello smart alarm clock. Image: Kello.
Kello smart alarm clock. Image: Kello Labs.

Everyone wakes up in different ways. Some people bound out of bed, eager to get the day started, while others grumpily hit the snooze button and tell themselves they’ll stay in bed for five more minutes. Kello is a smart alarm clock with that diversity in mind. It offers dozens of programs that allow you to select your preferred way to wake up.

Furthermore, you can check out special sleep training programs that help you learn to fall asleep faster, wake up earlier and even recover from jet lag.

Although there’s a Kello app, the alarm clock works if your phone isn’t nearby. That’s good news if you often stay up later than you should to play games or chat with friends.

It sells for $149 from the manufacturer, Kello Labs.

A Smart Alarm Clock Could Help You Have Better Mornings

If you don’t sleep well, finding enough energy to get through the day is a challenging task, and you’ll typically feel sluggish in the morning. Since many of these alarms have sleep-inducing or wake-promoting features that go beyond your typical alarm clock, they could help you feel well-rested and wake up ready to face any challenges the day has in store.

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6 Smart Alarm Clocks You Never Knew You Needed

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