Smooth move: Read us on Apple News app | Digitized House

Smooth move: Read us on Apple News app

Smooth move: Read us on Apple News app

If you are carrying an Apple iPhone or iPad running iOS 9 or higher, the Apple News app is already front and center on your Home screen. And as we are publishing all of our fresh Digitized.House editorial content straight to our Apple News channel, you can bypass the Apple Safari , Google Chrome, or Microsoft Edge browsers altogether, yet still get the best in guidance for making your dwelling a smart, sustainable, digitally-safe, energy-efficient, and healthy place to live—no matter where you might be.

Digitized.House on Apple News app

Are you averse to the browser? Bypass Chrome, Edge, and Safari by reading us straight from the Apple News app.

By doing so, you can take advantage of the fluid reading experience of News to read our articles end-to-end within the app, which includes high-resolution, Apple Retina-class images and text on capable iPad and iPhone devices. You can also share the content directly from News, using the native iOS share icon in the lower-left corner of the screen on iPhones, or the upper-right corner on iPads. You will also want to add us to your Favorites screen in News, which is easily accomplished by tapping the Search button in News and searching for “Digitized”—then you should see Digitized House Magazine pop up at the top of the list. Just tap the “+” button to finish up, and be sure to add us to your Apple News favorites.

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Tom Kolnowski is the Chief Content Officer & Founder of Digitized House Media, LLC, the publisher of Digitized House | Guide to the Connected Home. When he isn’t writing about smart home technology, sustainability, and high-performance architecture, you’ll find him exploring faraway destinations with his family.
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