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4 Smart Smoke Detectors to Buy in 2019 for a Safe Home

Whether you already use smart devices in your home or not, a smart smoke detector is one of the best purchases to make. According to the National Fire Protection Agency,…

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Do Smart Home Features Make It Easier to Sell Your House?

Millions of people out there are constantly drawn to the latest tech. Whether it’s an app on their latest smartphone or another screen to help them keep in touch with…

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Roost begins shipments of Smart Smoke Alarm

Making a definitive play on the smart-home turf of Alphabet’s Nest Labs and their Nest Protect smoke alarm, Silicon Valley company Roost has begun shipments of their first Smart Smoke…

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Safe Move for a Safer Home: Roost 9V Smart Battery

Making the journey from the predominantly-analog house to a digitized house can be accomplished through a series of baby steps. In fact, given the diversity of competing smart-home technology platforms…

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