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Building a Smart Home to Stand the Passage of Time: Part 2

The value of a home in the real estate market is determined by supply and demand; if your property has attractive features for potential buyers, you can sell it for…

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4 Key Smart Home Safety Features to Invest In

If you’re just starting to entertain the idea of installing smart security devices in your home, remember that these devices can sometimes carry a hefty up-front cost. It’s helpful to…

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Automating Window Shades in the Connected Home Era: Part 2

As we wrote in Part 1 of this series, motorized shades and blinds are moving rapidly into the DIY connected home mainstream. You may no longer need to hire a…

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Yale Assure smart lock: Unboxing and installation video

In this video, we walk through unboxing and installation of the Yale Real Living Assure Lock with Bluetooth and Z-Wave in our smart-home labs. With this lock, Yale presents homeowners…

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Smart home security your way: Yale Assure Lock with Bluetooth

The front door on today’s connected home has taken a turn for the better. By replacing the ubiquitous deadbolt with a key-free Yale Assure Lock with Bluetooth, consumers can simply…

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Smart locks to play key role in move to connected living

Technology touches so many areas of our domestic lives. Our homes are becoming automated, and increasingly filled to the brim with intelligent appliances and accessories. When we’re away, we monitor…

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