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Tour a healthy, zero-energy, and zero-water smart home

Tour a healthy, zero-energy, and zero-water smart home
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As a living, breathing laboratory venue for Digitized.House Magazine, our lab home will open its green doors for an exclusive tour on October 15, which will be hosted by our colleagues at Green For A Reason. Located in the village of Driftwood, Texas—just outside of metropolitan Austin—this hilltop smart home embraces healthy living practices while achieving near-zero-energy independence, a zero-water footprint, and end-to-end sustainability. You can register here for the event.

Zero Energy Living Lab Home

We are jazzed about partnering with Green For A Reason for this exclusive event, and attendees will get an opportunity to meet the company’s founder, Catherine O’Toole—a tireless advocate for the green building movement. Green For A Reason was formed to empower homeowners to more easily locate environmentally-safe, sustainable products for their dwellings and to connect them with experienced green professionals and resources dedicated to building healthful, less-toxic homes.

Zero Energy Living Lab Home

You will also get a chance to converse with Tom Kolnowski from Digitized.House Magazine, the publication’s chief content officer and founder. Kolnowski collaborated with the Austin-based architectural firm Danze & Davis Architects and green builder Native to design and build this green-certified, award-winning smart home. Among its accolades are a 5-star rating from the Austin Energy Green Building Program (AEGB), the recipient of the Fine Homebuilding Magazine HOUSES 2015 Energy-Smart Home of the Year Award, and the Home Builders Association of Greater Austin (HBA) MAX Award for Best Green Home in 2015.

Zero Energy Living Lab Home

Attendees are certain to walk away with a deeper understanding of green, high-performance architecture and healthy building practices, by virtue of guided interior tours by Kolnowski and discussions with O’Toole. Kolnowski will also offer his guidance and insights on relevant smart-home technologies, including Apple HomeKitSamsung SmartThingsNest LabsAmazon Echo, and more.

Zero Energy Living Lab Home

And for those interested in doing more walking, a self-guided tour around the exterior of home will be available, where the rainwater harvesting and filtration system, the solar photovoltaic system, the fully-xeriscaped landscape, and other green features will be accessible.

We look forward to meeting you. But be sure to reserve your free tickets in advance.

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