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Whirlwind view: AIA Austin Homes Tour 2017

Whirlwind view: AIA Austin Homes Tour 2017
Design: Barley|Pfeiffer Architecture. Image: Leonid Furmansky.

Featuring 13 residential properties in and around metropolitan Austin, Texas, the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Austin Home Tour 2017 highlights leading-edge architectural projects that have been ideated, designed, and built specifically for the unique needs of the homeowners occupying them. In this 31st annual edition of the event, visitors can purchase a tour package, including a wrist band and comprehensive tour guide, then avail themselves of two full days of exemplary tour-going experiences over the October 28-29 weekend. Tickets are available here.

Below, we offer a glimpse into and around these homes, courtesy of Austin area architectural photographer Leonid Furmansky. We hope to see you on the tour route.

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