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Amazon Echo vs. Google Home Mini Speakers. Image: Digitized House Media.

Here at Digitized House, we help global consumers make their 
Connected Homes smarter, healthier, and safer through streams of original content.


Our Company and Ownership.


Digitized House, the Guide to the Connected Home, is a web property owned and managed by Digitized House Media, LLC, a media and publishing company based in the United States of America. The company was formed in 2015 by Thomas Kolnowski following over 30 years in various hi-tech and digital media publishing disciplines, and is and registered as a Limited Liability Company in the state of Texas.


Company Name: Digitized House Media, LLC


Website URL: https://digitized.house


Apple News Channel URL: https://apple.news/Thvz7RiGvSW6e0El3pKlXxA


Registered Office Street Address:
517 Ocate Mesa Trail
Liberty Hill, Texas USA 78642


Registered Office Postal Address:
517 Ocate Mesa Trail
Liberty Hill, Texas USA 78642


Registered Agent Name: Thomas Kolnowski


How to Contact Us.


You can contact us directly through the following means:


Email: editors@digitized.house


Telephone: +1 512.484.8626


Postal mail: 
Digitized House Media, LLC
517 Ocate Mesa Trail
Liberty Hill, Texas USA 78642


Our Focus

Digitized House is the only independent digital publisher laser-focused on guiding consumers to a smarter, healthier, and safer home through streams of original editorial content.


Our Properties


Our digital properties include this primary website at digitized.house, plus the Apple News app channel.


Our Team


We have a small core team based near the hi-tech mecca of Austin, Texas, and a team of experienced freelance writers located across the U.S., in the European Union, and Australia.


Our Business Model and Funding


In order to deliver compelling content in a readily consumed form factor, Digitized House Media, LLC and the Digitized House website are are funded entirely through banner advertising, affiliate marketing relationships, and content marketing sponsorships to offset our publishing costs. See our Ad Policy page for more information.

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Thomas Kolnowski
Chief Content Officer & Founder
Digitized House Media, LLC
Liberty Hill, Texas USA (near Austin)