Video: A modern take on Victorian architecture | Digitized House
Video: A modern take on Victorian architecture

Video: A modern take on Victorian architecture

In this thoroughly modern home by Austin firm Tim Brown Architecture, classic Victorian forms and scale blend seamlessly with contemporary elements to orchestrate an eminently livable inside-to-outside experience for the family it was specifically designed around. Featured on the 2017 edition of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Austin Homes Tour, multiple banks of wide-opening folding and sliding glass doors open the great room, master bedroom, and study to spacious outdoor living areas. Upstairs, each of the kid-oriented bedrooms include ladder access to loft-space hideaways, while a spiral slide encourages whimsical trips back down to the main living areas.

In our walk-through video produced during the October 28-29 tour weekend, you can get a feel for how well this design works.

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