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10 Smart Tech Tools for Devoted Dog Owners

10 Smart Tech Tools for Devoted Dog Owners
Smart tech products like the iRobot Roomba vacuum will help keep dogs happy and their owners smiling. Image: iRobot.
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Tech isn’t just for humans. Dogs can enjoy the benefits of today’s technology too! There are tech gadgets available to help you keep your pups safe and healthy as well as many that will be fun for both the human and his or her best friend. Here are 10 of the best tech tools for dog owners.

[1] Connected Camera and Treat Dispenser

When you leave to go to work, you won’t have to stop interacting with your dog if you get one of these smart cameras. Devices like Furbo allow you to check in with your pups wherever you are. You can link Furbo with your smartphone and use it to check the camera, talk to your dog, and even launch treats for your pup. In addition, it will send an alert to your phone when your dog barks.

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[2] Automatic Ball Launcher

For the catch fanatics, an automatic ball launcher is the perfect gadget. You or your dog can load tennis balls into a launcher like the iFetch and watch it soar 10, 25, or 40 feet, depending on the setting you use. Whether you don’t have the energy to repeatedly throw tennis balls or you want to set your dog up to play fetch when you’re not home, try an automatic ball launcher like the iFetch.

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[3] Programmable Food Dispenser

With a programmable dog food dispenser, you can make sure your canine gets the right amount of food at the right time even if you’re not at home. Set up your schedule and portions, and the feeder will do the rest. With the PetSafe Smart Feed, you can even control the feeder with your Apple iOS or Android smartphone. A smart feeder is a great way to keep your dog healthy and well-fed.

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[4] Smart Vacuum Cleaner

iRobot Roomba 960 Wi-Fi-connected robotic vacuum.
iRobot Roomba 960 Wi-Fi-connected robotic vacuum.Image: iRobot.

Keeping the house free of pet hair is a constant battle for many dog owners. A lot of dogs also fight a constant battle with their fear of vacuum cleaners. A smart vacuum robot like the iRobot Roomba 960 is fantastic at picking up pet hair and eliminates the work of vacuuming. They’re also quieter than a traditional vacuum cleaner, giving your pooch less reason to be afraid.

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[5] Pet Tracker

Whistle 3 dog tracker. Image: Whistle Labs.
Whistle 3 dog tracker. Image: Whistle Labs.

If your dog’s a bit of a flight risk, a tracker can help keep them safe and give you peace of mind. The Whistle 3 attaches to your dog’s collar and uses GPS to track your pet’s location so that you always know where they are. You can also set up safe areas, and if your dog leaves them, the device will send an alert to your smartphone. It’ll also track your pet’s activity so that you can help make sure they stay healthy.

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[6] Calming Music Player

Sometimes, our pooches get anxious, especially when they hear loud noises like thunderstorms and fireworks. Research has shown that certain kinds of music can help them relax. The iCalmDog music player comes pre-loaded with music specially chosen for its ability to relax dogs. You can also buy music for the player for certain age ranges of dogs or specific fears.

[7] Selfie Smartphone Attachment

If you’ve ever tried to get a selfie with your dog, you likely found it hard to get them to look toward the camera or even sit still. The Pooch Selfie smartphone attachment is the perfect way to get your dog to participate in your photo shoot. It consists of a squeaking tennis ball that you can stick on the top of your phone to get their attention.

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[8] Dog Bath Tool

Getting a bath is typically not a dog’s favorite activity, and because of the fight pups put up to avoid it, it’s usually not their owner’s favorite thing to do either. But it does need to be done, as bathing is a necessary part of a dog’s life. The AquaPaw aims to make this struggle easier. It’s a sprayer and scrubber in one that attaches to your hand, while the other connects to a hose or shower. It leaves both of your hands free and makes bath time less scary for your furry friend.

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[9] Smart Bed

Most dog beds trap heat, meaning they can get uncomfortable on hot summer days. When temperatures rise, a water-filled bed like the Cool Bed III from K&H Pet Products can help keep your puppy cool. It reflects heat instead of absorbing it and is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

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[10] Calming Crate

Another smart solution for the anxious dog is the ZenCrate. The crate is designed to insulate your pup from outside sounds like thunder and fireworks as well as to reduce vibrations. It can also sense when your dog goes into the crate and automatically start up a fan and plays calming music. You can also add a Wi-Fi camera to keep tabs on your dog if you’re not home and a thunderstorm strikes.

Want to pamper your pet—and yourself? Try one of these 10 tech gadgets!

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10 Smart Tech Tools for Devoted Dog Owners

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