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Smart door locks rank among the most popular smart accessories homeowners add to their dwellings, no doubt due to the increased security and convenience they bring. Typically, most smart lock designs include a bulky retrofit housing with a motor for the interior side of the door, plus a retrofit keyed cylinder or keypad for the exterior of the door. Level Lock, on the other hand, upended that paradigm by designing their smart lock system to retrofit the deadbolt and motor mechanisms inside of the door. This enables what Level refers to as invisible smart lock functionality, while not compromising the design aesthetic by allowing the homeowner to keep their existing visible door hardware.

All Level smart locks boast the internal deadbolt and motor mechanisms the company pioneered when they launched the first Level Bolt smart lock in 2020. That lock worked with the deadbolt hardware already on the outside of the door, and was mated with the inside-the-door Level bolt and motor. The Level app with Bluetooth connectivity or Apple HomeKit enabled opening and closing the lock.

Since then, they have expanded the line to include locks with door hardware—including interior paddle and exterior key cylinder housings of their own design—as well as additional entry options (including Touch, Apple Home Key, and NFC Key Cards), a keypad for key code access, and more.

Best Deals on Level Locks at

Level Lock+ ($279, $50 Off)

Level Lock+ with Bluetooth connectivity and the addition of Apple Home Key access. Touch access and NFC key cards are part of the package.

Level Lock ($180, $69 Off)

The basic Level Lock is the smallest smart lock ever. Access your home with an app, voice, or regular key. Choose from 4 finishes.

Level Lock – Touch Edition ($200, $130 Off)

Level Lock – Touch Edition, in Satin Nickel, offers access to your home effortlessly with a touch, key card, app, voice, or regular key.

Product Guide to Level Lock

The Level Lock motor (left) and bolt (right) are designed to fit inside the door frame. Image: Level Home.
The Level Lock motor (left) and bolt (right) are included in all Level smart locks are designed to fit inside the door frame. Image: Level Home.

Level Lock

Currently on sale at, the entry-level Level Lock features standard Bluetooth connectivity and includes the Level Lock motor and bolt, strike plate, plus interior and exterior housings in various finishes (satin chrome, satin nickel, polished brass and matte black). With this package, the lock can be operated with the Level Home app (iOS or Android), the Apple Home app, Apple Siri voice commands, and the included physical key. Access can also be shared with other users via the Level Home app.

Level Lock – Touch Edition

Also on sale at, the Level Lock – Touch Edition builds upon the basic Level Lock to add capacitative Touch and NFC key card access to the entry options. Touching the housing for unlocking is activated for a set period of time via geofencing when you are within the prescribed home boundary.

Level Bolt Connect

Level Bolt Connect ($249)

Level Bolt Connect fits invisibly inside your door and works with iOS and Android mobile devices. Includes WiFi or Bluetooth connection capabilities.

The Level Bolt Connect uses your existing interior and exterior deadbolt hardware, and replaces the deadbolt mechanism inside the door with the Level Lock motor and bolt. The included Connect WiFi bridge, which is dedicated to a single lock, adds integrations with Amazon Alexa and Google Home to the always-standard Apple Home connectivity. Furthermore, remote locking and unlocking becomes possible with Connect, as well as voice control with Alexa and Google Assistant and inclusion in home automation routines. You will need an Apple Home Hub in the home to enable remote locking/unlocking for Apple users.

Level Lock+

Level Lock+ uses the same internal mechanism as the standard Level Lock, then adds further integration with Apple Home Keys, a secure digital key that can be added to the Apple Wallet on iOS and on Apple Watch. With an Apple Home Key set to Express mode, the lock can be opened by tapping the iPhone or Apple Watch on the exterior lock housing. NFC key cards and fobs can also be used. Inclusion of the interior and exterior door hardware also enables the capacitative Touch feature.

Level Lock+ Connect

Level Lock+ Connect ($349)

Lock+ Connect is the latest Level smart lock, giving you even more ways to let yourself and others in using WiFi and Bluetooth technology. Includes Apple Home Key support.

The latest offering and top of the line is Level Lock+ Connect. This is an end-to-end retrofit for a door’s existing deadbolt setup, and offers all the components and features of the Level Lock+, Level Lock – Touch Edition, and Level Bolt Connect. So, you get full WiFi integration, Touch access, Apple Home Key access, and NFC key cards and fobs for versatile usage in the home. Furthermore, the Connect bridge also ensures integration with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant plus the always-standard Apple Home connectivity.

Level Keypad

Level Keypad. Image: Level Lock.

Available separately or in bundles with various Level smart locks, the Level Keypad adds the convenience of secure key code access to the door. These key codes are set up in the Level Home app, and the Keypad can store up to 50 of them. They are ideal for dog walkers, housekeepers, contractors and others where you want to control and track access with unique codes. The device has LED backlighting for easy visibility in low light conditions. It’s available in matte black or white finishes.

Level Lock Bundle Deals at

Level Lock+ Connect and Level Keypad ($358, $50 Off)

Level Lock+ Connect and Level Keypad give you and your guests multiple ways to enter your home.

Level Lock+ Connect with Key Fobs ($314, $50 Off)

Level Lock+ Connect with 6 Key Fobs giving you even more ways to let yourself and others in using WiFi and Bluetooth technology.

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