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4 Smart Smoke Detectors to Buy in 2019 for a Safe Home

4 Smart Smoke Detectors to Buy in 2019 for a Safe Home
Image: Nest Labs.

Whether you already use smart devices in your home or not, a smart smoke detector is one of the best purchases to make. According to the National Fire Protection Agency, nearly 1,500 fire deaths occur each year due to missing, broken, or dead smoke alarms. A carbon monoxide detector alone can help save you from a gas leak, as over 4,000 people per year are hospitalized from carbon monoxide poisoning.

A combined smart smoke and carbon monoxide detector can give you the peace of mind you crave and alert you about a potential fire or carbon monoxide problem through alerts on your phone. 

Here is a guide to four of the best smart smoke detectors and related devices you can purchase in 2019.

[1] First Alert Onelink Safe & Sound

The Onelink Safe & Sound smoke and carbon monoxide detector by First Alert pairs with your mobile device and is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri and HomeKit, and Google Assistant. It doubles as a night-light, letting you adjust the color and brightness through the Onelink app. It also features a speaker, so you can play music or listen to an audiobook wherever the alarm is.

When there’s a problem, the Onelink alarm beeps to let you know there’s smoke, a fire, or carbon monoxide present. It also tells you which room the problem is in such as the master bedroom or the attic. You can silence it once from your phone, but if the smoke is still present and it beeps again, you don’t have another option to silent it.

Overall, the Onelink Safe & Sound has many notable features including the highly popular Alexa, a speaker, and a night light. Unlike other smart detectors, it needs to be hardwired instead of running on batteries.

[2] Nest Protect

Nest Protect. Image: Nest Labs.
Nest Protect. Image: Nest Labs.

Heralded as one of the best smart smoke detectors, the Nest Protect is a dual smoke and carbon monoxide detector. The second generation product has a split-spectrum smoke sensor to help detect both slow and fast-moving fires, as well as monitoring carbon monoxide levels.

The LED ring around the smoke detector flashes amber and red for incidents and uses a path light feature at night to help guide you around your home when it senses motion. In the case of an emergency, the alarm has a human-like voice telling you there’s a problem. You can silence the voice by pushing a button on the Nest or your smartphone.

While the Nest is packed with helpful features, one common complaint is that steam frequently sets it off.

[3] Roost Smart Battery

Roost Smart Battery. Image: Digitized House.
Roost Smart Battery. Image: Digitized House.

While the Roost Smart Battery makes the smart smoke detector list, it’s a replacement battery that goes inside your typical analog smoke alarm to make it smart. This second generation of the smart 9-volt battery uses Wi-Fi to send alerts to your smartphone, and you can also use an app to silence your alarm. The smart battery doesn’t cause the dreaded chirp like many other smoke detectors, and it works for three to five years before you need to replace it.

If there would be a fire or carbon monoxide leak, you can call an emergency contact straight from your app. Or invite friends and family to download the app, so you can also contact them in case something happens.

The battery is available on Roost’s website, and you can add it to any of the smoke alarms you have now.

[4] Kiddie Wireless Combination Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm

The Kidde Wireless Combination Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm uses the ionization method. It features wireless interconnection and basic voice alerts to let you know if there’s a danger. It works with the Wink smart-home hub where you can set up Wink Robots (smart scripts) to trigger other smart-home devices to help if the alarm goes off. You can also set up low-battery alerts and notifications if an alarm goes off.

The biggest perk of this smart smoke alarm is that it’s the least expensive at Home Depot. However, it has fewer features than other wired smart smoke detectors, and the app is limited. You can’t use the Wink app to silence the alarm, and some users say the app doesn’t always trigger Robots when the alarm goes off.

Try a Smart Smoke Detector Today

If your goal is to integrate more smart devices into your home in 2019, try a smart smoke or carbon monoxide detector. No matter which model you choose, it can help give you and your family a sense of security and safety.

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