ENTR Smart Door Lock video: Unbox. Install. Operate. | Digitized House

ENTR Smart Door Lock video: Unbox. Install. Operate.

ENTR Smart Door Lock video: Unbox. Install. Operate.

Ready to lose your front door keys? Take a look at our video on the ENTR Smart Door Lock Solution, a sveltely-designed smart-home product capable of controlling entry to your home through purely digital keys. Designed primarily for the European consumer market, these glossy black-and-white locks can be easily retrofitted to many integrated multipoint door lock systems and are compatible with a wide range of doors due to their reliance on metric-sized ENTR Euro profile lock cylinders. In the video, we walk through the unboxing, installation, and operation of the highly flexible ENTR solution, which includes smartphone app, handheld remote, touchpad reader with PIN codes, and fingerprint reader access options―plus a traditional key slot.

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Looking for deeper information on this product? Read our in-depth review: Svelte security: ENTR Smart Door Lock Solution.

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ENTR Smart Door Lock video: Unbox. Install. Operate.

by Tom Kolnowski

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