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Fallout Mounts from Impending Works with Nest Sunsetting

Fallout Mounts from Impending Works with Nest Sunsetting
With the new Google Nest brand, the Works with Nest program is slated to shut down. Image: Google Nest.
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Following the announcement by Google and Nest of the impending sunset of the Works with Nest third-party integration program on August 31 2019, major players in the connected home sphere are beginning to advise their customers to plan for the inevitable disconnect of these services. As we previously reported, as Works with Nest shuts down, the newly-formed Google Nest brand will be focused exclusively on integrations through the Works with Google Assistant program.

While many companies providing Works with Nest integrations have been silent thus far, smart lighting maker Lutron Electronics and garage door opener company Chamberlain Group have already sent emails to current customers to inform them of the upcoming changes.

Messaging from Lutron

From Lutron, manufacturer of the Caséta by Lutron, RA2 Select, RadioRA 2, and HomeWorks QS solutions: “Yesterday, Google announced the elimination of its Works with Nest Program, effective August 31, 2019. As a result, Lutron system integration with Nest products will be impacted, making some or all integration features inaccessible starting August 31, 2019.”

With the new Google Nest brand, the Works with Nest program is slated to shut down. Image: Google Nest.
From the Lutron app, current Works with Nest services can be activated. All of these integrations are slated to sunset on August 31, 2019. Image: Digitized House.

The Lutron communiqué to its customers went on to say: “Though Nest product integration will be impacted, Lutron systems will continue to be controlled by the Google Assistant through voice, the Google Home, and Google Assistant apps, and through Home View on Google-enabled smart displays. Lutron and Google will continue working together as part of the Works with Google Assistant program, which is designed to provide customers a single smart home product control experience. As Google winds down the Works with Nest Program, Lutron will distribute integration updates and continue to provide the best Lutron experience for your home.”

The latest info from Lutron on what they are doing as Works with Nest goes away is available here.

Messaging from Chamberlain

From Chamberlain and LiftMaster, makers of the myQ smart garage door opener solutions: “As you may have heard, Nest has decided to shut down the Works with Nest program effective August 31, 2019. Because of this, Nest cameras and thermostats will no longer be able to directly integrate with myQ through our app. Delivering solutions is important to us and we will continue to work with leading connectivity brands to complete your smart home experience.”

Chamberlain directed customers to their partner page for updates on the various integrations they support.

As we see more Works with Nest partners provide guidance on where they are headed we will pass them on.

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