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Five Best Dimmable Fixtures for Optimal LED Lighting

Five Best Dimmable Fixtures for Optimal LED Lighting
Modern LED track lighting can be an attractive addition to your living space, while adding dimming and lowering energy usage. Image: Khiem Tran from Pixabay.
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If you’re looking to make the switch to LED lighting, it can be as simple as putting a new bulb in an existing fixture. However, to make the most of what LED technology is capable of, you will need new fixtures to go along with the new bulbs.

The main feature you won’t be able to get without new fixtures is dimming. Dimming enables you adjust how bright the bulb is, and some dimmers even allow you to switch the color temperature from warm to cool light. Some LED bulbs may work with existing dimmers, but it’s likely that they won’t work as well as your old bulbs because the fixture was not made for LEDs.

Whether you’re looking to start slowly by replacing one fixture or diving in by replacing every fixture in your house, this list of popular LED fixtures is sure to have something that will improve your energy efficiency and provide a more natural feel.

Add Mood Lighting to Your Bedroom with Wall Sconces

Do you have dim lights in your bedroom for reading or meditating before bed? With dimmable LED sconces, you can adjust the lighting to fit your bedtime routine.

The Andante Industrial Wall Sconce Fixture is available with one, two, or three lights on a single line. You can choose between brushed nickel, polished chrome, and antique brass, depending on the design of your room. It’s perfect for bedrooms as well as bathrooms and corridors.

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Andante LED Industrial Wall Sconce Fixture (Commissions earned, see policy)

This fixture also comes with an Edison-style filament LED bulb that is compatible with dimmers. The product is backed by a limited 1-year manufacturer’s warranty and must be hardwired to your electrical system.

Light a Kitchen or Studio with Track Lighting

Track lighting is easy to install and customize to your needs. It provides light exactly where you need it and nowhere else, and it’s a great option for a room that gets a lot of natural light and just needs a bit more.

If you already have track lights installed, you might be able to swap out each light on the track with LEDs. LEONLITE Integrated LED White Track Lights come in packs of two and four and in warm or cool variants. You can even mix and match the color temperatures for your needs.

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LEONLITE Integrated LED White Track Lights (Commissions earned, see policy)

These lights come with a five-year warranty and provide 40,000 hours of light. If you have an existing track, it must be an H-style track for them to be compatible. If not, you will have to replace the track as well.

Feeling Fancy? Try a Modern LED Chandelier

Are you ready for space travel and the arrival of robots in every home? Do you already have a smart home, including a smart refrigerator? You might be ready for a light fixture that matches your modern tastes.

The Royal Pearl Modern 3-Ring LED Chandelier looks like the rings of Saturn decided to go every which way, and the rings can be adjusted to make different shapes. Like many chandeliers, this one is also dimmable.

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Royal Pearl Modern 3-Ring LED Chandelier (Commissions earned, see policy)

The chandelier is backed by a 2-year warranty and boasts a greater than 50,000-hour lifespan. It comes in black or silver and can be ordered with either squares or rings.

What About the Garage? Get a Shop Light

These incredibly bright lights will give you the visibility you need in your working space while keeping the rugged look of a garage. The Hykolity LED High Bay Shop Light covers a 30-foot area if hung 15 feet off the ground.

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Hykolity LED High Bay Shop Light (Commissions earned, see policy)

These lights are typically used in warehouses, gyms, manufacturing facilities, etc. They’re built for places where work gets done, so why not use one in your garage?

It comes in 110 watts, which should be plenty for your garage, and is also available in 165 watts if you’re looking for more power. Plus, it’s compatible with the popular Lutron or Leviton dimmer switches.

Don’t Forget Outdoor LEDs for the Driveway or Front Porch

Now that you’ve replaced everything inside the house, you can start swapping your outdoor lighting with high-power LEDs with commercial-level power, bringing a high dose of additional safety. You should focus on lighting your driveway and exterior doors first, which will also help light the way when your security cameras begin recording events.

The Hykolity High-Output LED Wall Pack can be used in both places. It comes in 40, 60, 80, and 120 watt variations, depending on your needs. 

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Hykolity High-Output LED Wall Pack (Commissions earned, see policy)

Like the rest of the fixtures on this list, they are dimmable. If you want the light to be on all night, you can at least make it dim, and you can make it brighter if you’re having guests over in the evening or need to shovel your car out of snow very early in the morning.

There are so many options to choose from when it comes to LED lights. What fixtures and bulbs are you using? It might be time to make the switch to modern fixtures.

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