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How Google Home Hub Can Help Trim Energy Costs

How Google Home Hub Can Help Trim Energy Costs
Google Home Mini + Google Home Hub displaying energy data from Reliant Energy. Image: Digitized House Media.
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Does your relationship with your electrical utility seem grounded in 1995? Anemic websites, cryptic data access, and paper bills can become a relic of the past with leading-edge utilities, where they are using a Google Home Hub and voice activation skills to enable frictionless access to energy data for their customers.

Is this for real? You bet it is. In the case of Reliant Energy in Texas, consumers can say “Hey Google, ask Reliant how much electricity am I using” to get a chart on a Google Home Hub display depicting real-time energy usage in their home. They can also issue any of the following voice commands, to get in-depth insights on their energy situation:

  • What is my energy usage?
  • What is my current balance?
  • What’s my bill?
  • When is my bill due?
  • When was my last payment?
  • How much did I pay last time?
  • What plan am I on?
  • When is my contract up?
  • When does my plan expire?

In this curated content we recently produced for New Home Source, learn more about what Google is doing to enable natural conversations with your utility and what it takes to get connected.

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