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Infographic: Passive Housing | A Smarter Way of Living 

Infographic: Passive Housing | A Smarter Way of Living 

Passive housing is fast becoming one of the most sought-after types of accommodation as homeowners realize the energy-saving (and indeed bill-reducing) and sustainability potential of this fascinating concept. In a passive house, a steady, comfortable temperature is maintained in every room, so you won’t go from a warm, stuffy bedroom to a cold bathroom, for instance. This consistency of temperature can eliminate the need for heating/cooling systems, enabling you to conserve a lot of energy and take a nice portion off your utility bills.

In this engaging infographic from our colleagues at EZ Living Interiors, you can find out about the features which define a passive house and how these can benefit you as a homeowner. We’ve already mentioned the savings that can come from passive housing; it also has a positive impact on our health, as poor air quality is replaced by fresh air, while the maintenance of a steady temperature reduces the likelihood of falling ill during harsh winters. Another plus is the reduction in noise, as fans and vents run more smoothly while effective ventilation cuts down on the volume of outside noise such as the sound of traffic.

It’s no surprise that people are increasingly warming to the concept of passive housing and it looks destined to become more commonplace in the coming years. We hope you find this infographic helpful as you consider your next home.

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Helen O'Keefe

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