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IKEA Smart Shades Debut in European Union

Increasing its imprint on the smart home, mega-retailer IKEA has launched its first motorized smart shades into the European market with the arrival of the Kadrilj and Fyrtur products. Already…

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ICYMI: 12 Days of Smart Gifts 2017

So Christmas Day 2017 has passed, but that smart-tech product you had your eye on did not materialize under your holiday tree. Hooray for gift cards, those safer-than-a-bitcoin alternate currencies…

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Day 4 of 12 Smart Gifts: IKEA Nordmärke Qi wireless charging pads

The Qi wireless charging standard recently got a huge boost as Apple embraced the technology and built it into the new iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X smartphones.…

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Extreme organization for the smart home desktop

As much as I love the coffee-shop mobility enabled by my laptop, smartphone and tablet, I ultimately retreat to the solitude of my home-based office when deadlines loom and I need…

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