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Building a Smart Home to Stand the Passage of Time: Part 2

The value of a home in the real estate market is determined by supply and demand; if your property has attractive features for potential buyers, you can sell it for…

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Future-Proofing Your Smart Home with a Structured Media Enclosure

A structured media enclosure has become standard fare in many new homes, as production and custom home builders are often including technology wiring packages in their base home feature lists,…

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Tips to maximize internet speed in your smart home

Smart homes and connected devices have become a part of modern life for many—our homes can relay information to us at any time, no matter where we are, and many…

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Day 10 of 12 Smart Gifts: Samsung Connect Home mesh Wi-Fi system

The smart home would not be possible without its private wireless network, as nearly every accessory requires a unique IP address and a Wi-Fi connection. But those home-based networks can…

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