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Smart and Healthy Features Abound in KB Home ProjeKt: Part 2

As we wrote in Part 1 of our coverage of the KB Home ProjeKt, this Las Vegas-area concept home endeavors to deliver connected home and holistic design features aimed at…

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Are Smart Homes Normalizing Energy-Efficient Living?

Smart and sustainable homes can offer excellent energy efficiency, curbing energy and resource waste on a global scale. A variety of technologies and applications promote efficiency in smart homes, with…

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5 Energy Efficiency Tips for Connected Homes

These days, technology is prevalent everywhere. It may be in our pockets, on our wrists, in our cars and—unsurprisingly—may be found throughout our homes. With the right suite of tech…

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The Emerald Aisles of TreeHouse: Part 3

High clerestory windows are a common design detail on residential and commercial structures. But in the architectural case of the under-construction metro Dallas store for green retailer TreeHouse, clerestory windows…

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The Emerald Aisles of TreeHouse: Part 2

Call it the Tesla triumvirate. It’s no accident that Tesla drivers visiting the future metro Dallas location of green home improvement retailer TreeHouse will be able to rapidly recharge their…

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Tesla Solar Roof: Are metal roofs passé?

Metal surfaces have earned a well-deserved reputation as the leading roofing choice on today’s sustainable architecture homefront, and for good reasons. The benefits of these roofs are many, including an…

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