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4 Alternative Decking Materials for Your Outdoor Space

4 Alternative Decking Materials for Your Outdoor Space
Polymer decking from Azek is among a new wave of highly durable decking materials. Image: Digitized House Media.

As technology marches forward, the materials we use for constructing our homes continually evolves. In many cases, building products manufacturers are developing hybrid, synthetic, and metallic materials designed to supplant conventional wood, which can bring higher durability, contribute to sustainability, or add architectural interest.

That’s certainly the case with a new wave of alternative decking materials, which are giving homeowners a much broader set of surface selections for their outdoor spaces than even a few short years ago. And with the trend toward more and more outdoor kitchens, there are more reasons to turn away from conventional wood and embrace new materials if you desire a space that can stand up to potential food preparation mishaps.

In this curated content we recently researched and published for apartment and home rental site Zumper, we discuss four alternative materials to wood. These include composite, polymer, aluminum, and even enhanced wood decking materials.

You can read the entire article here on Zumper.

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