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Connected Packs to Elevate Your Travel Game

Connected Packs to Elevate Your Travel Game
CO.ALITION Colfax Pack. Image: CO.ALITION.
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If you’re a frequent or even just now-and-then traveler, you know how important it is to keep your essential belongings by your side without getting overloaded by weight or bulk. No matter what they’re up to on their adventure, who wants to lug around a bunch of dead weight from stop to stop? The answer is nobody, of course. So without further ado, we present you with four smart backpacks that can revolutionize the way you hit the road.

[1] ECEEN Solar Hydration Pack

This pack from ECEEN is the perfect choice for long hikes, camping, cycling, and similar recreation and travel activities, as it has a solar panel woven into the main fabric. This makes it ideal for charging for phones, e-readers, tablets, and other electronic devices when the sun is shining.

While it charges your favorite gadgets and mobile essentials, it’ll also keep you charged—hydrated, that is—with its 1.8-liter integrated hydration pack. Choose from multiple color options when you buy the pack on Amazon, adding style to the list of low-cost benefits.

[2] CO.ALITION Colfax Backpack

CO.ALITION Colfax Pack. Image: CO.ALITION.
CO.ALITION Colfax Pack. Image: CO.ALITION.

Planning to engage with lots of media like movies, games, and e-books throughout your travels? If so, look no further than the Colfax—available from CO.ALITION—which acts as a wireless mobile hard drive by itself instead of just holding your computer for you.

No matter where you are, if you have this pack, you’ll be able to view and upload files throughout the trip. If you’re hoping to free up space on your other devices, this backpack is the way to go, doubling as an external backup drive to keep your files safe.

The convenience offered by this pack doesn’t stop with storage. Thanks to Pass-Thru technology, you can use a single wall outlet to charge the pack’s power supply and your device at once. For more customization on this build-to-order pack, you can even route cords to any pocket in the bag through provided ports.

[3] Lifepack Solar Powered and Anti-Theft Backpack

The Lifepack backpack, available for purchase on Amazon, has a thief-proof cable lock and a solar-powered battery pack that makes it easy to charge a phone.

What makes this roomy pack stand out from the crowd aside from these highly functional features are its onboard Bluetooth speakers, which allow for up to 96 hours of playtime. Made by Solgaard, you can get this pack in black or titanium grey to listen, charge, and travel in style.

[4] Matein Business Travel Backpack

This pack, which you can buy on Amazon, is a innovative feature-filled solution if you’re looking for a smart backpack that can also keep you comfortable throughout your travels. You don’t want to be annoyed by the straps over your shoulders of the placement of a bag on your back, so comfort should be a priority. With this product, you simply can’t go wrong, as Matein specifically designed it to have padding that provides superior airflow while maintaining impressive structural integrity.

Along with its traits regarding comfort and aesthetics, this backpack has many reliable features that can keep your travels going smoothly, including an anti-theft secret compartment—more than 10 compartments altogether—water-resistant polyester fabric, a capacity of 32 liters, and the all-important USB charging port.

This pack even comes in seven different styles, giving you greater control over your appearance.

Get the Most out of Your Travels

A travel backpack is more than just a fancy bag. It will significantly lower your risk of facing annoyance or even disaster while you’re on your trip. Instead of getting lost without a charged cell phone or seeing your belongings drenched by rain, trust a bag that can keep you and your devices safe as you cross borders and explore the planet.

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