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Controlling Philips Hue Lighting with Hue TV App on Apple TV

A cottage industry of app development around the Philips Hue family of smart LED lighting has produced a nice collection of software that runs on the popular Apple TV platform.…

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Smart-home content dominates top 10 stories of 2016

As we concluded our first full year of publication, it is apparent that smart-home technology is clearly front and center to you, members of our growing audience. In looking back at the big-data…

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DirecTV Now streaming enhanced with Apple TV deal

On the heels of its launch of the DirectTV Now streaming service, AT&T is offering a number of deals for consumers considering moving their television viewing experience away from traditional cable…

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Nest Cam Outdoor: Home security time machine

Apple macOS aficionados have long enjoyed seamless data backup and recovery, thanks to the built-in Time Machine software. And when it was time to restore a single file or even…

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