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Pani Smart Water Monitor Brings H2O Awareness Home

Pani Smart Water Monitor Brings H2O Awareness Home
Pani Smart Water Monitor. Image: Pani Systems.
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Pani Systems, an Austin, Texas-based startup headed by entrepreneur Allen Tsai, has launched its first product into the connected home sphere. The Pani Smart Water Monitor is designed for homeowner self-install, and tracks real-time water usage down to the individual fixture level in a home while also ferreting out granular leaks and delivering in-app coaching on water conservation.

“Our mission is to help every home around the world have access to safe, clean water. To do this, we need to first generate awareness of how we use water,” said Tsai, founder and CEO of Pani Systems in a press release. “Our research shows that 53 percent of smart home gadget owners are looking for products to help them better understand their utilities, but only 3 percent of them own any gadgets in this category. Pani’s Smart Water Monitor offers consumers an easy, self-installation product with real-time monitoring for all fixtures—it’s the Nest or Fitbit of water usage.”

The Pani app runs on Apple iOS and Android devices. Image: Pani Systems.
The Pani app runs on Apple iOS and Android devices. Image: Pani Systems.

Available Now

Pani can be ordered now, directly from the Pani website or from Amazon. The company’s website also provides a wizard to recommend the optimum number of Pani units needed in a given home, based on square footage, number of fixtures, and number of occupants..

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Pani Smart Water Monitor

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Easy Installation

The puck-shaped Pani Smart Water Monitor should be no more complex to install than replacing a shower head. For instance, a typical install in a bath involves removing the shower head, installing Pani on the shower arm, then replacing the shower head by attaching it to the outboard fitting of the Pani housing. Pani can also be installed on toilets and other fixtures.

The company is located just down the road from our Digitized House offices, and we are planning to meet up 1:1 with Tsai soon to learn more about Pani and get our hands on a production unit for testing in our labs. Stay tuned.

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