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Infographic: Take Control of Your Energy Bills

Let’s face it. There is no joy in paying your monthly energy bill. But there is much you can do to reduce the amount of energy your home consumes each…

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Infographic: 43 Smart Home Facts and Stats

Given the rapid advancement and broad accessibility to smart home technology, it is becoming inextricably woven into our dwellings and lifestyles. But did you realize that the underpinnings of the…

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Infographic: Passive Housing | A Smarter Way of Living 

Passive housing is fast becoming one of the most sought-after types of accommodation as homeowners realize the energy-saving (and indeed bill-reducing) and sustainability potential of this fascinating concept. In a…

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Infographic: Energy Efficient Home | The Basics

In a comprehensive infographic on the green or high-performance home, the creative and editorial team behind the Energy Efficient Home: The Basics infographic below have most assuredly gone far beyond…

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Infographic: Water conservation in the home

From our colleagues at Ireland-based Nature’s Water Ltd., this infographic on water conservation in the home offers an outpouring of information on this all-important natural resource. Scroll down into the…

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